Why Clarkework?
Based in Histon, Cambridge, I've been a print, digital and motion designer for 10+ years and started Clarkework in 2015. Clarkework is run on one principle: simple, rules.

I create simple and impactful design by focusing on the fundamentals: who is the audience, what is the problem and therefore, what should the message be. Using research, I can help you discover marketing and design opportunities and then design solutions to take your branding to the next level. 

With a network of talented creatives, I form small focused teams to tailor skills towards your project. This could be anything from illustration, to voiceovers and music production.
Why do i need a designer?
Put simply, design is a tool to communicate messages. This could be that you have something for sale, or a service to provide. In the same way a nice suit makes you look smart, professional design delivers great first impressions, builds brands, creates reputations and lasting relationships.

What do you design? 
If it's printed in any form or can be viewed on a computer/phone or tablet, it's most likely a job for me! Please drop me a line if you have any questions.

- Amazon ads
- Animated videos
- Branding concepts
- Brochures, leaflets (all shapes and sizes)
- Business cards
- Conference materials, signs etc
- Corporate presentations
- Designs for personalised clothing

- Facebook - graphics (assets) for adverts and marketing posts
- Instagram - campaign graphics (assets) and animated insta stories
- Logos (static and animated)

- Shop fronts & signs
- Trade signs and advert boards
- UI designs for apps and websites
- Van/Vehicle wraps and signs
- Video editing
- Wedding invitations
- YouTube channel branding

+ more!
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