Cambridge University Press came to be as they were re-launching their English Language Teaching website, this would to allow teachers to build profiles and customise content relevant to them. They wanted a series of animated videos showcasing the new features in a fun and engaging way. Using content from the website, story cards were re-created in Illustrator. The cards showed off the site's breadth of content and new customisation features. Several videos were produced in different formats for social media channels.
6 videos were produced in different lenghts and formats to suit a range of social media platforms. Below is part of the 9:16 scale storyboard used for an Instagram Stories post. The content cards worked well with this format utlising the extra space above and below the centre point. Highlighting the features of the website was slightly more challenging with only written guidelines as to the final UX (User Experience) of the mobile website - due to the tight release deadline, it was still being built as the videos were created.
We utilised a database of articles to create content cards for the videos. The shuffling cards are visually appealing and show the breadth of content available to users. Simple and fun animations were added to show the cards being ‘liked’, to sell the idea of customisation.
Stock video footage was used sparingly to reinforce the idea that the website is used by teachers.
“You’ve done such a fantastic job of these, it’s really appreciated - especially when the site wasn’t even completed. You’ve made it look fun and engaging!"

Sarah - Cambridge University Press
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