Seeking a brand refresh, I worked with Caffiend of Cambridge to improve their branding and update the old logo (a hand-drawn man). Using a bold colour scheme and some dynamic fonts, the result is a simple but eye-catching design style. With pitch sites constantly changing due to covid, it was important that the cart was instantly regnonisable to customers anywhere around the city, complimented by attention grabbing pavement advertisments.
The client wanted modern design that would stand out to passing foot and vehicle traffic. The primary logo was designed to be paired with the bold red example below.
DeLittle Chromatic was chosen for headings on posters and signs. It’s easy to read from a distance, but also distinctive. As with the logo, it is modern and colloquial. The body text is a simple sans-serif for clarity. The logo font is presented but in the brand guidelines it is stated that this must be reserved soley for the logo.
This is a simple vector illustration of Castle Hill, Cambridge - a new site the client was selling from. The ‘has arrived’ text makes reference to the changing location of the coffee cart. The idea was for the illustration to be easily changed for placement into A0 marketing boards.
These posters were used as A0  pavement signs to advertise new drinks. They take influence from old-style packaging of the 50s.
Cup branding is essential as each drink serves as an advert for the business. Red cups were originally suggested, but these turned out to be very expensive. A minimal design with both primary and secondary logos was favoured.
We created a protoype app that would enable customers a cashless option to buy drinks and shop products. It was designed with speed and simplicity in mind. Nearly all actions can be carried out in no more than three clicks.
“You understood my requirements better than I did! The design works really well and I’ve had customers compliment the logo and branding.” Kash - Caffiend of Cambridge
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